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Does Inositol help OCD, Anxiety or other mental problems?

People with mood disorders such as depression, bipolar depression, OCD, panic attacks and others have benefited from Inositol. Below I’ll go over some of the more important pieces of research that have confirmed inositol as a major mood balancer. What…

Magnesium could help rare cases of depression and elevate mood overall

As you will read below, magnesium is important to have in proper balance to your body. Having lower levels of magnesium could cause major issues. Many mental illnesses seem to be positively impacted by the introduction of magnesium supplements. This…


Niacin helps convert food into energy. It helps the body make various sex and stress related hormones. Some symptoms of niacin deficiency is indigestion, fatigue, canker sores, vomiting and depression. Severe deficiency is a condition known as pellagra (cracked, scaly…

Can B6 Balance Hormones?

A lot of things that can go wrong with your body. One little issue and your entire body can be made out of whack. The good and the bad about hormones is that when they are working they work great…

B12 the Mental Wellness Hero

Vitamin b12 is vital for the production of blood cells, healthy nervous system and emotional and cognitive well being. B12 is widely used for treatment of vitamin B12 deficiency and for when medication and diseases cause low vitamin B12 levels….

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