B12 the Mental Wellness Hero

Vitamin b12 is vital for the production of blood cells, healthy nervous system and emotional and cognitive well being. B12 is widely used for treatment of vitamin B12 deficiency and for when medication and diseases cause low vitamin B12 levels. It is also effective against pernicious anemia. When taken with folic acid and B6 (both in Sera) can help in a heart disease called hyperhomocysteinemia. B12 also lowers homocysteines overall though this may not help all heart conditions.

B12 can also help with AMD (age-related macular degeneration). There are some studies that suggest taking B12, folic acid and B6 together will help in slowing the eye disease down.

One of the largest reasons for taking B12 is its brain abilities. While studies have been generally mixed on the overall effectiveness of B12 in the brain. One of the largest and longest studies of individuals on the cusp of getting Alzheimer showed that their levels of B vitamins slowed their cognitive impairment and brain shrinkage. Even more striking is that fact that the brain shrinkage slowed with the amount of B vitamins in the body. This study was published in 2008 of Neurology and stated that B12 has the potential to eliminate brain shrinkage in the elderly to reduce memory loss. An oxford study of cognitive impairment also showed a slowing of brain shrinkage in individuals at risk for Alzheimer’s (70% chance of getting Alzheimer).

Son in conclusion B12 nurtures the brain and hormone levels and aides in handling stress. B12 and other B vitamins when combined assist in the production of Sam-e naturally in the body. Sam-e as a supplement for effect dosage and quality is extremely expensive. The theory is not to inject your body with premade sam-e but to provide the necessary steps for developing it which the B complexes do.

Symptoms of B12 deficiency:

weight loss, severe depression, mental fatigue, irritability and mood swings.


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