B6 for everyone

B6 is very important for physical and mental health. It is vital for assisting in the metabolizing of energy and helping in balancing the mind and body. It is water soluble and comes in three types of B6, pyridoxine, pyridoxamine, pyridoxal. Like other vitamin B’s, the Vitamin B6 is great for your overall health.

Vitamin B6 Toxicity

As with other vitamins there shouldn’t be any problems when taking vitamin B6 from food is in question. However, we have to be careful when taking high doses of vitamin B6 supplements. Of course this is sometimes necessary during the treatment of certain diseases but extreme doses can result in nerve damage. Please note that this kind of damage can be permanent. and you should also speak with a medical consultant if you are taking high doses.

Note: The highest dose a person should have in a day shouldn’t exceed 100 mg/day. In this amount we count vitamin B6 from both food and supplements.

Vitamin B6 Deficiency

Since vitamin B6 can be easily obtained from food if we have a healthy and balanced diet, the occurrence of vitamin B6 deficiency is very rare. Deficiency usually occurs when some medications which affect the absorption of vitamin B6 are taken for treatment. If you are on a protein-rich diet your requirements can be increased but shouldn’t exceed 100 mg/day or you will be at risk of vitamin B6 toxicity.

The symptoms of vitamin B6 deficiency are similar to the symptoms of vitamins B2 and B3. People affected with vitamin B6 deficiency generally experience anemia or skin problems (dermatitis, acne), confusion, depression, overall weakness, etc. Vitamin B6 deficiency can affect the immune system at the same time.


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