Could B6 play a role in preventing cancer?

While it is not conclusive, vitamin B6 may play a role in preventing cancer. One study in the Journal of the American Medical Association discovered adults with higher levels of B6 in their blood were half as likely to develop lung cancer as those with low levels of B6. The study consisted of nearly 400,000 adults from a range of 10 European countries who either were current smokers, former smokers or had never smoked. The researchers examined the differences in vitamin B6 levels between those who developed lung cancer after five years and those who did not. They concluded individuals with lower blood levels of B6 had higher risks of lung cancer, no matter what their smoking status.

B vitamins, especially B6, play a vital role in maintaining healthy DNA. The health of your DNA is important in the prevention of cancer. While this study is a positive for the future of preventing cancer, it’s important to understand that more studies are needed to see if the positive effects can be replicated. Further, taking doses of vitamins B doesn’t mean smoking is safe for you.
In conclusion, it is still impressive that vitamin B6 can reduce risk by 50%. The higher blood levels mean less likely chance of lung cancer while lower levels of B6 mean a higher chance of getting lung cancer. Despite the studies amazing results until it’s repeated successfully multiple times people shouldn’t assume it is written in stone. Additionally, this study doesn’t mean smokers can continue to smoke using this study as an excuse.


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