Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 110% Guarantee True?
SERA™ is in a class by itself. It offers a 110% money-back guarantee. Clinical research and 15 years of manufacturing experience provide superior results, and thats what matters.

SERA™ is faster acting and more effective than any other supplement of its kind. SERA™ has two hats the first is its mental and physical enhancement side. The other is as an anti-depressant supplement designed for mild to medium depression.

If SERA™ isn’t the most effective product you’ve ever used or if you’re unsatisfied for any reason whatsoever you will receive a refund 100% of your purchase price plus an additional 10% gift.
Test SERA™ for yourself, and send us your testimonial. If SERA™ doesn’t change the way you feel, you will received a prompt and courteous 110% refund even if you’ve used the entire bottle.
110% guarantee that it’s effective.

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Does SERA™ really work?

Each active component of SERA™ has been demonstrated to either boost mood, increase energy, focus and concentration. SERA™ is considered to be the strongest and most rapid-acting depression fighting performer available today over the counter.

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Safe: Is SERA™ safe?
Yes. The active components in this exclusive formula complex have been examined in scientific studies. The components are natural supporters of your body’s functioning.

SERA™ is manufactured for safety in a fully temperature-controlled 100,000 square foot facility that is FDA-inspected. Purity and accuracy of materials is ensured through inspection and evaluation at every step of production and packaging. Product purity is then verified through a third party analysis. If, for any reason packages do not meet pharmaceutical standards, the product does not leave our facility.
With a strong commitment to meet and exceed U.S. Government regulations, we maintain Pharmaceutical Standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) throughout all our operations.

Our processing & packaging uses the most state-of-the-art and technologically advanced equipment available on the market today. Computer controls ensure the highest standards of accuracy and quality.

No adverse side effects have been reported. SERA™ contains no ephedrine, ephedra (ma huang), yohimbine, or other dangerous stimulant compounds. SERA™ does have powerful affects on neurotransmitters and discussion with your physical and mental health providers is suggested before use.

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How quickly does SERA™ take effect?

We’ve designed SERA™ to be the fastest-acting emotion altering product available. It is designed to engage neurotransmitters, amino acids, and your body at large to create a zen like focus, an energy cultivating existence and a depression reducing state of mind that will jump start you to a healthy emotional and energy level.
Unlike other supplements, there is no need to take SERA™ for weeks or months before benefitting from results. Every bottle is 110% guaranteed to produce results in the first hour for energy increasing, memory enhancing, focus creating state of mind. If you purchase the product for depression reducing abilities SERA™ will take thirty days or less, in some cases all you need are 7 days. For the absolute best results several months may be needed for optimal depression relief.

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HOW: How does SERA™ work?
SERA™ is designed to facilitate cellular engagement, by providing building materials, increasing oxygen, and enhancing uptake of certain neurotransmitters and amino acids. It works to create a hormonal balance and to regulate insulin sensitivity.

SERA™ was developed to address multiple issues at once while also not hindering. For example, chromium picolate is included in the supplement due to its ability to reduce a rare depression symptom where someone eats a lot of carbohydrates like cakes. For individuals without this symptom chromium helps regulate blood sugar, making you feel fuller and more satisfied. The ingredients are designed to work with your body and to augment your natural abilities already, ingredients do not clash or fight with one another nor are they dangerous if you have plenty of it but instead enhance the positive effects of additional ingredients.

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FORM: How does SERA™ come (liquid, capsule, powder)?
Each bottle contains 90 capsules which is a one-month supply for typical users.

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DURATION: How long do the effects of SERA™ last? What happens when I stop taking SERA™?

There are no reported negative side effects from stopping SERA™. There is no addiction, withdrawal or other dangerous side effects reported. Studies on individual ingredients also support this claim. No customer to date has sent in a negative claim or side-effect. If you believe you are having negatie side effects please contact us

SERA™ is optimally designed for short-term and long-term effects.
We’ve designed it to quickly release amino acids within the body in order to assist the neurotransmitters that alter mood with a single dosage lasting approximately 6 to 12 hours.

Long-term adaptive responses have been reported to provide customers with improved mood and serotonin re-uptake/uptake for several weeks and possibly permanently depending on individuals’ results and current situation.

There are no reports of negative short term or long term effects. If you are taking an SSRI’s you should speak with your health care provider as SERA™ is a potent supplement that could interfere or cause lasting damage if you are taking SSRI medication with SERA™.

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HOW OFTEN: How often/long do I take SERA™?
Most customers take three capsules per day each day of the week.

For energy SERA™ is designed for both short and long term use. It is possible for users to skip every other day after the first month of consistent use. This will provide optimal use of SERA’s™ energy and concentration enhancing abilities.

For depression SERA™ is designed for both long and short term it should be taken consistently for at least three months and then slowly reduced afterwards. This is the best option. As you decline in dosage, if you feel depression or emotional disturbance it is no doubt due to a deficit and increasing SERA™ will help again reduce it. If you have thoughts of suicide or ideas of killing another please consult a mental health provider as soon as possible.

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NON-ADDICTIVE: Is SERA™ addictive?
No. SERA™ is non-addictive.

INGREDIENTS: What are the ingredients of SERA™
SERA™ does not contain any ephedrine, ephedra, ma huang, yohimbine, or other dangerous stimulants.

For more information see ‘FORMULA PAGE’

SERA™ capsules are gelatin-based for ease of swallowing. Our vegetarian customers currently take the SERA™ by mixing the contents with a small volume of water, or by emptying the powder onto their tongues and swallow the contents with liquid.

Try Sera Risk Free 60 days

CHILDREN: Can Children use SERA™
If you are reviewing this product for potential use by a son or daughter, we advise that you first test the product yourself to gauge personal response, and then speak with a physician about potential applications for your child. We would take the same precaution if our product were Vitamin C.

SIDE-EFFECTS: Does SERA™ have any side-effects?
SERA™ is scientifically engineered, first and foremost, for maximum safety and purity. All ingredients are listed on the Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) list published by the federal government.

In fact, the only side effects have been positive ones! For a list of all the positive side effects see the FORMULA page, positive side effects.

STUDIES: Do you have any clinical studies to support the ingredients in SERA™?
The ingredients in SERA™ are supported by clinical research, and active compounds specially prepared in the exclusive complex have been cited in over 4,000 scientific studies.

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