Vitamin D may have well being abilities

A vital vitamin, it can only be produced by sunlight. In our “office no light seeing days” it is difficult to get enough vitamin D3 the body needs. on top of reducing depressive states it supports bone metabolism and neuoromuscular functioning. Vitamin deficienies in older adults has implicated major psychiatric and neurological disorders such as alzheimers, low mood and impairments with cognitive performance tests.

In addition to reducing depression vitamin D3 enhances cognitive abilities. In one study deficient participants scored worse on mental function tests compared to participants who had higher levels of vitamin D3!

Cancer protection, major hostpitals now provide cancer patients with vitamin D3 pills. The first study related to cancer protection was actually in the 1940s.

in one study over a four year trial women took a calcium/vitamin D3 pill. This group experienced a 60 percent or great reduced risk of cancer than the peers in the placebo who were no consuming these two supplements, both of which are in SERA. The researchers were so astounded by this they threw out the first year and analyzed the last three years and found even more dramatic decrease of cancer a 77% reduction in cancer risk.


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